Meet Sgt. Stanley

LMVFM has adopted our newest "Paws and Effect" team member Stanley. Stanley is a 8 wk old English Labrador Retriever and already loves to travel and loves to play in the snow

Did you know that puppies spend between 18-22 hours a day asleep?
Some expert has said this, but after the first 24 ours with our recruiter Stanley, I can tell you he has been up and active far more than the experts report.


We've now had Stanley just Bout 24hrs. He's an amazing little fellow and tomorrow he'll report for basic training at "Fort LMVFM". We'll keep you all posted.

Stanley's first bath.  
Enjoying the sunshine

Stanley early  morning playtime

Stanley Tucker's new friends. If you'd like to meet our Stanley Tucker and get a waft of "puppy breath" feel free to stop in and see us. 
Stanley and Don Stanley and Holly from GC's
Stanley's personal chair Stanley Tucker makes good use of a post office box in between mailings
Stanley's jacket is a bit snug these days.
Stanley Tucker takes his duty to welcome LMVFM friends when they come to the office very seriously.

Stanley Tucker is really growing quickly and has recently outgrown his lumberjack vest.

Stanley "tuckered" Holly and Stanley romping in the snow
Suburban Bethlehem Church School
Springtime in Fort Wayne in April 2016  Part of Stanley Tucker's' training involves spending quality
one on one time with our clients during therapy.

Stanley is ONE year old.

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